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Craftmanship. Sustainability. Technology.

The Caswell Ironworks team has over 60 years of bringing art to fabrication. The team has a stellar reputation for artistic vision, precision, and the highest quality of service in the ironworks industry. Our origins are rooted in architecture and the finest craftsmanship. We leverage old-world techniques and the latest technologies to create awe-inspiring works that bring our client’s vision to reality.  

Exceptional quality and environmental sustainability are the foundation of our company and the driving force behind all decisions. We prioritize ethical sourcing, sustainability, and durability for minimal environmental impact.  

We are committed to recycling 100% of waste and prioritize US-made steel to minimize the carbon footprint in transportation. We care about the climate crisis and strive to implement more efficient and sustainable technologies as they become available. We are aware of the role we need to play for a healthy planet today and tomorrow.  

We value integrity, loyalty, respect, and selfless service. 

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